Реферат «Большие социальные групы (англійською мовою)», 2009 рік

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1.Introduction 2.Social community 3.Social groups 4.Social institutions -Religion institution -Institutional economics -Education institution -Government institution 5.Conclusion 6.Literature


Precise definition of a large social group does not exist. Clearly, that refers about a group where all it members may not know each other personally, and all contact between them can be implemented directly. Large social groups is class, ethnic, religious communities, which includes a large number of people living in the large territory.

Major social groups have their specific problems, which belongs to society. Thus, members of large groups often suffer because of the low morale that prevails in the group. To maintain a high moral spirit needs considerable effort. May be weakened ties with individual members of the group, they can identify the general reluctance of harmony and cooperation. Due to the significant gap between leaders and ordinary members in the group may establish stricter forms of control, any faction, and hostility. With increasing size of social groups a tendency to decline intense interpersonal communication often arises need to contact the leader or senior center, who has communicative role.

Imposition of various human communities conflicting social values and standards of conduct (e.g., family, school), the uncertainty of their social objectives, requirements that apply to individuals, unclear criteria for evaluating behavior can disrupt the organization of personality. Society is interested in that social community was of man consistent, internally uncontradictory system of standards of conduct, encouraging a sense of solidarity and independence in society generally.

Consequently, social communities play an important role in modern society. Throughout the life person involved in certain communities that socialize her offer to different needs, perform protective and other functions.

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