Курсова робота «Taxation in Ukraine», 2003 рік

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Introduction 3 1. Stages of forming of budget and tax policy in Ukraine 4 2. Problem of the major taxes in Ukraine: 2.1. Income Tax 7 2.2. Value-Added Tax 11 2.3. Excise Tax 15 2.4. Payroll Taxes 18 2.5. Property Taxes 19 Conclusion 21 Literature 22


As is obvious from this article, the entire Ukrainian tax system needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Certain improvements were made in 1997, including a new Law "On VAT" and a new Law "On Corporate Profit Tax," and a significant reduction in the payroll tax was enacted in 1999, but, more often than not, basic principles of effective taxation have not been applied in Ukraine. Partly, this is the effect of Soviet inheritance. Partly, it is a matter of incompetence, although, increasingly, the idiosyncrasies of the Ukrainian tax system are based on the vested interests of small but powerful groups, who prefer that others and not they themselves pay taxes.

The system of taxation began to be formed from 1991 year. In spite of invariability of fundamental principles and approaches for construction of this system, she, nevertheless, changes constantly: additions, more accurate definition, amendments are brought in.

The object of my research is taxation in Ukraine, elements of the tax system and basic types of taxes. The process of taxation, institution and work of the tax system, bases and essence of some taxes is the article of my research.

Great economist Ricardo David said: «Taxes must as few as possible hinder to the "natural" functioning of economy» [4]

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