Курсова робота «Статистичний аналіз стану і перспектив розвитку морського транспорту україни і світу», 2015 рік

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Content 2 Introduction 3 Section 1 4 1.1. The Concept of Infrastructure. 5 1.2. Transport and Its Types. 5 1.3. Features of The Maritime Transport. 7 Section 2 9 Section 3. 22 3.1. Structural Grouping. 22 3.2. The Numerical Characteristics for Discrete Row. 24 3.3. Typological Grouping. Calculation of Parameters. 27 Section 4. 31 4.1. Coefficients. 31 4.2. Smoothed Value. 32 4.3. Aggregated and Individual Indexes. 33 Section 5. 36 Conclusion. 40 References. 42


After a general analysis of all modes of transport can be argued that the development of transport infrastructure is a key element in the development of the economy. The main objective in the creation of multimodal transport – logistics center is an integrated development of all modes of transport and storage, terminal and other services, which will enable and enhance all of the problems.
The maritime transport plays a very important role in the economic development of the country. In trade and in recreational areas, as well as socio-political, defence and cultural life of the world. The main conditions for safe operation of the world fleet are its constant renewal, increasing the tonnage of vessels, increasing the engine power, increasing speed, automation, improved environmental performance, regular training of crew safety. Over the last 40 years of marine industry it significantly carried forward, but there are also a lot of weaknesses. Proportion of vehicles at the age of 8 years is more than 1/3 of the world fleet, more than 25 years – 1/20. In developing countries and countries in Eastern Europe there is a tendency to increase the proportion of older vehicles, which increases the risk of shipping. Nowadays, 75% of shipowners use foreign flags in their work. It affects the lower transportation costs and increasing competitiveness of the fleet in general.
Speaking about Ukraine, it have to be mentioned that potential of the Black and Azov Seas is huge, but maritime capability is not used at full capacity. The key issues are: critical state of the Navy; obsolescence and wear rate of transport vehicles; a sharp decline in sales; absent of investors; lack of deep-water ports. But, Ukraine seeks to gain a dominant position in the global economy, and availability of ice-free ports of the Black Sea, an extensive network of railways, highways create all necessary conditions for increasing in transit cargo in the direction of «North-South», «East-West», and well as further integration of Ukraine into the transport system «Europe-Asia». On June 10, 2014 a draft of 18 meters was installed in the port «Southern». In such way, Ukrainian port became one of the most deep-water ports in the Black Sea. The project is financed by the port dues. There creates the necessary infrastructure and in few years, passing ships will significantly increase the number of ship activities and give an impetus to the development of investment projects. Today «Southern» is the most promising Ukrainian port. Thus, announced the construction of a port terminal for more than ten handling various kinds of cargoes: grain, coal, ore and liquid bulk terminals. Based on this information, it`s understandable that increasing capitalization of the country's maritime complex is inevitable, and therefore the wealth of Ukraine will grow by sea.
The work includes analysis of the primary statistical data over the main components. It helps to understand the reality of any economical situations from inside and make the right decisions. So, in such way, determined that the main part of world`s fleet are the vessels of 6 – 25 years old; studied and specificated main reasons of vessel`s types volume variations; how the volatility of the instruments changes over the time; the degree of uneven distribution between the amount of countries and amount of terminals depending on the number of ports; identified how real figures differ from expected figures; changes in trend; the dependents of two and more economic events and based on calculations, forecast the situation.

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