Курсова робота «Government role in regulation of social policy», 2011 рік

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Introduction Section I. Basis of research of social policy 1.1. Population income: types, sources of development. Nominal and active incomes 1.2. Division of particular incomes. The Lorenz curve 1.3. Economic welfare and standard of living of population Section II. A mechanism of social policy accomplishment 2.1. Social policy: main point, tendencies, functions 2.2. Government policy in income regulation of population 2.3. Tendencies and principles of social security Section III. Peculiarities of social policy accomplishment in Ukraine Conclusion Works cited Supplements


Social policy – is a part of public policy that has to do with social issues and is particularly concerned with social services and the welfare state. In the second, broader sense, it stands for a range of issues extending far beyond the actions of government - the means by which welfare is promoted, and the social and economic conditions which shape the development of welfare.
The formation and development of state social policy occurs with the help of economy’s development, stabilization of credit, fiscal and exchange spheres of Ukraine. Along with economy’s transformation, the formation of systems of population social security occurs in order to compensate all the negative activities of market economy. The system of assurance/insurance and population security were formed and developed during those 16 years of our independence. Certain conditions for the systems’ functioning were developed for constant addition and improvement.
But with all these developments in the social sphere, the traits of imperfection and contradiction with current desires of individuals (minimum wage, pension rate, scholarships, etc) occur.
That is why in front of the state there is a number of priority measures are standing in order to provide to individuals with services they desire in the quantities, qualities, and times that they desire them. Among these priority measures are: formation of conditions for the minimum wage rate, realization of policy in the sphere of remuneration of labor regulation, to follow a budgetary policy for students who enter an institution of higher education by participating at the essay competition and provide with monetary funds families who give birth to a new generation of Ukraine.
Total gains of society in total and of every individual of society are evaluated as indicators of economic welfare. The gained incomes of population compose a certain level of standard of living. The definition for standard of living based on the value of a quantity and quality of consumer living goods. The standard of living can be evaluated as security of living goods for population and satisfaction of wants and needs of population.
Thus, social policy relates to guidelines for the changing, maintenance or creation of living conditions that are conductive to human welfare. It is a part of public policy that becomes an important challenge for politicians and policymakers. And finally it is by far a most traditional form of political policy.

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