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Entry 4 1. An object, task of statistics, its organization, short history of development and connection, is with other sciences 5 1.1. An object, task of statistics and its connection, is with other sciences 5 1.2. Short history of development of statistics 7 2. Statistical estimation of indexes of products of stock-raising and factors, that on it influence 9 2.1. System of indexes of statistics of stock-raising and method of their calculation 9 2.2. Statistical groupings and their kinds 11 2.3. Distributing rows and them graphic image 15 2.4. Summarizing the indexes of distributing rows 21 2.5. Variation of signs and indexes of their measuring 29 2.6. Verification of accordance of distributing of frequencies of empiric row to distributing Theoretical 36 2.7. Selective method 37 3. Cross-correlation analysis of the productivity of sugar beets and factors, that it is formed 40 3.1. Grade correlation 40 3.2. Linear regression. Determination of parameters of connection and them economic interpretation 43 3.3. Measuring of intensity of correlation. Coefficient of simple correlation and his maintenance 48 3.4. Plural correlation. 50 Conclusions 56 List of the used literature 57


The purpose of this work was research and analysis of data about hopes of milk in the aggregate of economies, to find the middle indexes of production, conduct grouping of economies after different signs, to define basic internal conformities to the law of process of growing of sugar beets, to find out the measure of influence on hopes of such factors as charges of forages and output of calves in general. During implementation works were to utillize the basic methods of statistical research and theoretical positions of science are applied in practice.

Theoretical part of work includes the study of object, tasks and system of indexes of statistics of stock-raising, except for it familiarized with basic normative documents, which regulate a sphere, principles and tasks activity of statistics, in Ukraine.

Conducting calculations we can assert that the middle level of yield on a cow for aggregates makes 36,91 c at the same time he hesitates on ± 2,258c or on 6,2% in relation to a middle level, middle level of the utillized forages makes 39,09c.f.un and he in same queue hesitates on ±2,06c.f.un or на 5,3% in relation to a middle level, also at to the middle output of calves for aggregates in a size 93,7 chairmen it hesitates on ±2,08 marks or on 2,2% in relation to a middle level.

In addition building two cross-correlation models we can mark that hopes on a cow depends on the expense of forages on 57,76%, and other 42,24% it is other невраховані factors, and in other case of hopes depends on the output of calves on 35,76%, and other 62,24% it is other невраховані factors.

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