Реферат «Анализ внешнеэкономический деятельности Украины (на английском языке)», 2010 рік

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Introduction 3 1. General characteristics of foreign economic activity of Ukraine 4 2. Analysis of foreign trade balance 2.1. Goods structure of imports and exports for 2009 4 2.2. Geographic structure of external trade of Ukraine for 2009 10 3. Indicators of balance state 14 3.1. Indicators of volumes 14 3.2. Indicators of dynamics 15 3.3. Indicators of results 16 3.4. Indicators of integration in world global system 24 Conclusion 26 List of literature 27


Foreign economic activity plays a crucial role in the development of each country. It provides countries with the goods, production of which is impossible within a particular country. Foreign economic activity gives opportunities for countries to trade for commodities, which are in surplus at home. Ukraine is not exception from this rule.

In the first chapter of the given work the general characteristics of foreign economic activity of Ukraine. In the second chapter analysis of foreign trade balance, which include analysis of goods structure of imports and exports for 2009, geographical structure of external trade of Ukraine was conducted. Calculation and identification of balance state indicators was prepared in the third chapter. The following groups of these indicators were analyzed:

• Indicators of volume, which include analysis of foreign trade turnover, external balance and balance state index;

• Indicators of dynamics (growth rate, rate of increase);

• Indicators of results (direct investment in and out of Ukraine, GDP, external debt of Ukraine, foreign currency reserves of NBU, balance of payments);

• Indicators of integration in world global system (shares of import and export in GDP).

Taking into consideration all these aspects it is possible to conclude, that imports and exports of Ukraine were increasing till 2008 and under the influence of world financial crises negative growth rates of these operations are observed. During the given period trade deficit was observed, i.e. import prevailed export. Except recession in export and import, world financial crises of 2008 lead to fall in GDP, increase in external debt of Ukraine, decrease in foreign currency reserves.

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