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Introduction 3 M&A and government control in the developed countries 4 UK Laws and principles 4 US takeover policy and laws 5 Emerging countries experience 6 Conclusion 7 References 8


Should the government encourage or discourage Mergers and Acquisitions?

It can be said, that there is no direct answer on this question. M&A process is natural for the market economies all over the world, but the market have to be protected from the monopolies. In this case government has to control M&A, using different antimonopoly committees and executive bodies.

The answer on this question also depends on aims of the government that have to be achieved according to Economical growth policy. In this case, takeover policy have to be very careful, because incorrect state strategy can have harmful effect to whole Economy In other word there is no general rule of M&A control for all countries.

Overall, in my opinion, government has to provide regulation laws and committee that will protect market from monopolies. But takeover policy has to be non-interference policy.

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