Курсова робота «Прагматичні особливості сучасної ділової кореспонденції», 2009 рік

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Content Content 1 Annotation 2 Introduction 3 Part 1. Pragmatic peculiarities in main types Of business letters.6 1.1. Basic commercial documents.6 1.2. Sales letters. Examples of letter's complication.8 1.3. Documentary letter of credit.12 1.4. Visits. Examples of letter's complication.14 1.5. Enquiries. Examples of letter's complication.17 1.6. Replies to enquiries. Examples of letter's complication.19 1.7. Reminders. Orders. Complaints. Examples of letter's complication.22 Part 2. The layout of a business letter.27 Conclusion 35 Bibliography 36


The conclusion that therefore suggests itself is that writing of business letters is highly complicated science. It is not enough for a good business letter writing to know lexics and grammar, but you should comprehend the whole range of such things as: occasions on which the particular letter is written, the style of letter, useful expressions.

There are certain rules which not everybody could learn since they have to be felt by correspondents. Letter writing requires long practice and experience. Those who write letters should always remember, that what makes the letter attractive and therefore promotes one's business is not always the message of the letter, but it is the manner and style in which the message is written. Using this rules help to find more new business partners and keep excellent relationship with present ones. And for business it means to increase profit.

The "golden rule" that must be followed by every business correspondent is that the official letter should be formal, courteous, tactful, concise, expressive, and to the point.

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