Курсова робота «Foreign and Ukrainian experience in e-business/e- commerce/m-commerce/Internet-banking:servicer, tendency and main participants», 2009 рік

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Introduction 4 1. Internet business and commerce 1.1. The essence of internet business 5 1.2. The essence of e-commerce 7 1.3. Mobile commerce overview 8 1.4. Charts of internet business 10 2. The basic characteristics and categories of e- business 2.1. Forms of e- business 2.1.1. Sector B2C 16 2.1.2. Sector B2B 22 2.1.3. C2C sector 26 2.1.4. IT consulting. 28 2.2. Legal regulation of e- business 28 2.3. My own experience of e- business 31 3. The analysis of e- business in Ukraine and abroad 3.1. The advantages of e- business 33 3.2. Problems of e- business and solutions 36 3.3. The analysis of e- business future in Ukraine 37 Conclusion 40 Literature 41 Appendix 44


1. The marketing, advertising, and care triad are the core of the “electronic commerce”.

2. The high availability of mobile phones, which is greater than that of computers in most countries, is lead in to concepts of new, innovative mobile services, collectively described as m-commerce.

3. The charts of e-business are Entertainment, Information Services, Marketing, marketing, Shopping, Mobile Ticketing, Telematics Services.

4. Forms of e-business are B2B, B2C, C2C.

5. The Federal Republic of Germany has formulated regulations that are expected to provide a reliable and modern legal framework in order to better exploit the benefits of new technologies while ensuring a high degree of consumer protection. Also other international organisations such as the OECD, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) have been actively supporting member countries in formulating regulatory frameworks. In Ukraine there are not legal documents until now, which exactly and expressly regulate the basic questions of electronic business. That’s why nowadays we can only appeal to experience of other developed countries (The USA, European Union, Israel, and Japan).

6. The electronic trade opens new prospects for Ukraine: the improvement of Ukrainian communication networks' quality, exchange of information, the growth of the numerous new Ukrainian and international enterprises.

7. Nevertheless, to use all advantages, it must be eliminated barriers on the way of effective electronic trade application in Ukraine. The Ukraine can the mosteffectively use an achievements of electronic trade in business, in investments and trade, if the Ukrainian authorities:

- Pass an Act about the business through the Internet

- Shut out and remove market barriers which repress investments in a technical infrastructure.

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